Ages 3+

4.00-5.00pm Mini Movers 

5.00-5.45pm Mini Movers Acrobatics

5.45-6.30pm Competition Team 3-9 Years

6.30-7.45pm Competition Team 10 Years +


Ages 13+ (Grade 3 plus)

5.00-5.45pm Senior Ballet + Pointe

5.45-6.15pm Grade 4 Theatre Craft

6.15-7.00pm Grade 3 + 4 Tap

7.00-7.45pm Senior Freestyle + Acro


Ages 9+ (Grade 1-2)

4.00-4.30pm Grade 1 Tap

4.30-5.00pm Grade 2 Ballet

5.00-5.30pm Stage 3 Musical Theatre + Drama

5.30-6.00pm Freestyle/Street Dance

6.00-6.45pm Acrobatics

6.45-7.15pm Grade 1 Theatre Craft

Advanced Classes (Must of passed Intermediate Level) - Age 16+

7.15-8.00pm Advanced 1 Ballet

8.00-8.40pm Advanced 2 Modern Jazz

8.40-9.20pm Advanced 1 Tap



BB Class schedule (1).png


Ages 7+  (Preparatory + Primary Grade)


4.00-4.30pm Freestyle/Street Dance

4.30-5.15pm Acrobatics

5.15-5.45pm Primary Ballet

5.45-6.15pm Primary Tap

6.15-6.45pm Stage 1 Musical Theatre + Drama


Harworth Town Hall

3.30-4.00pm Mini Movers Ages 3-6 years

4.00-4.45pm Acrobatics All Ages

4.45-5.15pm Junior Movers Age 7+

Inter Movers Age 11+


RFTS Studio Rossington

10.00-10.45am Acro Bees

Acro bees Advert.png

classes held at our studio in Rossington and harworth town hall